SDG 12 – Prayer Wall

Responsible Consumption and Production

What does the Bible teach?
 If you sell anything to your neighbor, or buy from your neighbor, do not do wrong to one another. (Leviticus 25:14)

What should we pray for?
For the population in general, to become educated and practise a sustainable, anti-consumerist and environmentally aware lifestyle.
For companies to adopt practises of efficient use of natural resources, and sustainable environmental capabilities.
For all people in the world to lower our use of toxic chemicals to make our products, and to lower our unnecessary waste of food.

What can we do?
Fashion: Find out about the production of fast fashion and its effects. Go to a clothing swap.
Electronics: Buy only electronics that can be repaired and upgraded.
BBD: Even if the best-before date has passed, you can often still use a product. Particularly, dairy products usually have a longer shelf life. The BBD only says how long the product tastes best.