Review of Events

Joy to the world! – Lessens and Carols at 17 Dec 2023:
During the hectic pre-Christmas period, St. Boniface came together for the annual „Festival of Lessons and Carols“. The service featured Christmas carols as well as the Christmas story. We all sang from the heart. Some caught the note a little better than others. As you can hear in this short video „Silent Night“.

Click Play button for watching Silent Night at Lessons & Carols 2023

After the service, we had children’s punch and cake. There was also a sales stand for our Uganda aid organization with real English marmelade and British cookies.

„Let’s grow!“ – Community meeting at 12 Nov 2023:

It’s no secret that we want to grow as a church community. However, in order to welcome others, we first need to feel comfortable ourselves. It’s not for nothing that Jesus told us: „‚Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.“ (Mark 12:31). Over the years and especially due to the hybrid transmission of church services since COVID, many things have changed. Some changes are helpful, others need to be questioned.
Instead of a regular service, the Bishop’s Committee invited the congregation to a joint discussion on Sunday, November 12. After a prayer and a meditation, the questions were addressed in a completely relaxed manner:
1.) Why did you feel welcome at St. Boniface when you first came here? 
2) What don’t you like?
3) Are there any specific changes you would like to see?
Our „think tank“, as such a meeting is called these days, came up with a variety of ideas. It quickly became clear why we all felt comfortable: because of the nice people and the English language! But there were also requests for changes, for example, we considered whether the service should be moved to a different time. 
The Bishop’s Committee and the vicar will now deal with the results in the following meetings. It will certainly not be possible to implement everything immediately. Especially as not all parishioners were be able to come for various reasons. We try to reach them personally for feedback. 
One of the photos shows our board with the ideas. If you are interested, you can read which points were included. We like to thank everyone who was able to come to the community meeting as Well AS those who submit their feedback later. Personally, I found our „think tank“ very productive.

Bible Walk at August 13:
That is, how it was announced:

And those brave people came:

And here is the report from Sarah Gandorfer:
For those who were not there yesterday, a very brief summary: Because the weather always looked like thunderstorms, we only walked around the Stempflesee. There were six stops where parts of Psalm 104 were read. In addition there was either a short prayer, a meditation or a thought. Among other things, I found the following song on which the Psalm is set to music in Hebrew. After all, the German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder remarked, „It is worth studying the Hebrew language for ten years in order to read Psalm 104 in the original“:

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If you feel like it, read Psalm 104 and then sit in nature. Perhaps you would like to do our final meditation:
Take a moment to look around you and observe the beauty of nature. Perhaps you see the vibrant colors of flowers, the majesty of mountains, or the vastness of the sky. As you take in these sights, let them remind you of the power and creativity of God, who made all things. Allow yourself to feel a sense of awe and gratitude for the gift of nature and the opportunity to experience it.
Now, consider how nature reflects God’s character. Just as the diversity and complexity of nature demonstrate God’s creativity, so do its beauty and order point to his goodness and care. As you think about this connection, you might ask yourself, „How can I better appreciate and care for nature as a reflection of God’s character?“
Take a few moments to thank God for the gift of nature and pray for more opportunities to experience and honor his handiwork.

Church BBQ 24 July & Men’s Group 28 July:
New and old Friends, some from near, aome from far away, met for Church BBQ at Sunday 24:

And also the Men’s Group had at July 28 a small revival: