Upcoming services and events
(last updated on June 11th, 2020):

Greetings to all our members, friends and followers.
You are cordially invited to our Sunday Service at 4:30 PM (UTC+2), which is currently an Evening Prayer on-site that is also shared in a Zoom session and allows active participation to those who are checking in remotely for various reasons. Please feel free to ask for the Zoom code via the Facebook Messenger function or via the contact details indicated on our webpage at any time, we just kindly ask you to calculate with a few hours for us to respond.
If you want to participate on-site, you will need to bring and wear a face mask and comply with the other usual rules for disease prevention. We meet as usual at the Auferstehungskirche, Garmischer Str. 2a, 86163 Augsburg-Hochzoll
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Pentecost Sunday 2020: Some physically present, others online but all connected through the Spirit! (Picture: Guido)

EN Our services are at the moment in the form of an Evening Prayer. No singing, no separate child care, no Church coffee. Some things did not change, though: You are still most welcome to any of our services or other events, whatever your religious background, country of origin or walk of life is.
DE Derzeit feiern wir aus gegebenem Anlass noch nicht wieder einen Gottesdienst mit Abendmahlsfeier, sondern ein gesprochenes Abendgebet mit Predigt. Unsere Gottesdienste finden jeweils vorwiegend in englischer Sprache (als meistverstandener Sprache in unserer Gemeinde) statt.
Prinzipiell können jedoch viele der im Gottesdienst verwendeten Texte auch in anderen gängigen Sprachen zugänglich gemacht werden.
Unsere Gottesdienste finden aufgrund der COVID-19-Epidemie derzeit in modifizierter Form statt! (keine Abendmahlsfeier, keine Kinderbetreuung, kein Kirchenkaffee) – Teilnahme ist vor Ort unter Beachtung der Sicherheitsvorgaben (Community-Maske!) oder online per Zoom möglich. Bitte erfragen Sie die Meeting-ID vorab.

Bible Study is currently cancelled until further notice!

Meeting dates and venues (you already figured it out: it’s happening online!) of the Bishop’s Committee (Vestry, Church Council), the Daughters of the King (Women’s lay order) and the King’s Men (Men’s group) upon request.

Info: During the „hard“ COVID-19 lockdown time, our pastor uploaded some contents to
(as we all, as Anglicans, then were at home)
See also our Blog Page for his letter to the Parish.
(Easter 2020)
Sermons and video messages with Bishop Mark, etc. etc. can be found here: . Enjoy and connect.